Pictures of my friend Gardenia
July 31, 2009
I hope you like the pictures I took in August ’08 of a Female Garden Spider that had made it’s home in my euonymous plant . Once I had identified her, I named her Gardenia, and she became a regular stop on my daily garden tour. I think she is eating a fly in these photos.
Brenda A
Waterdown, Ontario, Canada

Golden Orb-Weaver
Golden Orb-Weaver

Hi Brenda,
Thanks for sending us your photos of Argiope aurantia, a female Yellow Garden Spider or Golden Orb-Weaver as we call them in Los Angeles.
We think Gardenia is a very fitting name.  One of our gardeners, Raul, has been nicknamed Gardenia by the rest of the crew.  Thanks for indicating that your photos were taken last year as we thought it was a bit early to get photos of such a mature spider.

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