Beutenmueller's Slug Moth Caterpillar

dainty snowflake worm August 30, 2009 dear bugman, what is this? it was on my porch. bug whisperer Middle Tennessee Dear bug whisperer, BugGuide lists Beutenmueller’s Slug Moth Caterpillar, Isochaetes beutenmuelleri, as uncommon.  It is also known as the Spun Glass Slug Moth and caterpillars feed on swamp oak leaves.  Many of the caterpillars in … Read more

Caterpillar Aggregation from Honduras: Arsenura armida

Aggregating Larvae August 30, 2009 Don’t have much info other than that these are rather large larvae on a tree in Honduras. Photo taken by a friend of a friend. Scott Honduras Dear Scott, Over the years, we received similar images four times before we finally identified the Caterpillars as Arsenura armida, a Neotropical Silkmoth … Read more

Death Feigning Beetle

Zopherus? August 30, 2009 Hi Bugman, This beetle was crossing my living room carpet about 7 pm on 29 August in NE Tucson, AZ. I searched my guides to no avail, but a reference on your site to BugGuide helped me match the shapes and textures of the thorax and abdomen to two Zopherus images, … Read more

Argid Sawfly

Giant orange caterpillar August 29, 2009 Can you identify this caterpillar? Seen in eastern PA on a canal towpath in August, length about 4″, width over .5″. Elissa Bethlehem PA Dear Elissa, Unless this is an irradiated mutant, we doubt that the Argid Sawfly Larva you found was 4 inches long.  Argid Sawflies are not … Read more

Cicada from Bhutan

What is it? August 28, 2009 Please help! I would like to identify this insect that I found on my windowsill in Thimpu, Bhutan. Your help MUCH appreciated. I fell in love with it. I should at least know what it is! Entomophile Thimpu, Bhutan Dear Entomophile, Though we don’t know the exact species, we … Read more