Eastern Blood-Sucking Conenose Bug

Not a Bed Bug July 29, 2009 Over the past week, I’ve been subjected to a series of mysterious and painfully swollen bites. I never felt the bites when they occurred but after noticing them they would itch and swell up to a size a bit larger than a golfball. Unable to find any other … Read more

Fanmail concerning Unnecessary Carnage

praise! July 29, 2009 WTB folks: Just discovered you, and went right for the ‘Unnecessary carnage’ page. I am an  insect lover, technician for several entomology labs here at Nova Scotia Agricultural College. Great sense of humour and so right about  unnecessary killing. Only critisim would be to get away from narrow column pages..fill up … Read more

Mammoth Wasp from Italy

gigantic bee/ wasp. Makes a hornet look small July 29, 2009 Hi, heres a good one for you, I do a lot of macro insect photography and have seen lots of bugs over the years, but after a single sighting whilst on holiday in italy (I’m from the UK) and hours of fruitless internet digging … Read more

Polyphemus Moth in California

Giant Orange Moth July 29, 2009 I was sent this photo from a friend in Chico, California. My friend said the moth was about a foot from wing tip to wing tip. I have only found one other photo online, but it has no name to it. I am curious as to what kind of … Read more

Luna Moth

Luna mothJuly 29, 2009I found this Luna Moth May 8, 2009 approximately 730 am in Peoria, IL. I thought its colors were brilliant so I am passing it along.j roxPeoria, IL Luna Moth Hi j,We haven’t posted a photo of a Luna Moth recently, and your photo is so lovely, we couldn’t resist posting it.