Tiger Bee Fly

A Bee Fly?July 30, 2009Hello, I happened upon this little fellow in my back yard, we have a number of flowers but it preferred to sit on my steps. I dont know what it is but looks very similar to a Bee Fly thats been posted on your front page. These were shot with a … Read more

Ambush Bug

unknown bug in garden July 29, 2009 I found this bug clinging to a carrot plant in my garden this afternoon, and I am totally stumped. I’m guessing that it’s molting (but the more I look, the less sure I am), but, even trying to imagine it without the baggage on its back, I have … Read more

Ivory Marked Beetle

Brown bug with white spots on back July 29, 2009 I recently found this bug crawling on my floor. I grabbed my camera as I”ve not seen it before. It had 4 white spots (the image below shows 2) that looked to be pretty symmetrical. The antenne are about 3″ long or so. To give … Read more

Bee Fly

What’s this fly? July 29, 2009 I found this fly in our back garden. While it was flying, it appeared to be a black colored moth, but when it was still, it appears to be a fly with oily-colored wings with clear-ish patches. Seen in late July, sunny mid-afternoon. There are lots of blooming hyssop, … Read more