Cottonwood Borer

BIG BLACK AND WHITE BUG July 31, 2009 I wrote yesterday, but have not received a copy of my email, so thought it did not go through. This bug was about 2″ long. It was thick with dark black legs and feelers that were thick. Its back legs were tipped at the foot area with … Read more

Unknown Hairstreak

odd looking butterfly July 30, 2009 Found what I think is a butterfly on one of our sunflowers today. It has what appears to be 2 bodies sticking out of its back. Chris Conroe Tx Hi Chris, This is some species of Hairstreak in the subfamilyTheclinae of the Gossamer Wings.

Questionmark Butterfly

Question Mark Butterfly July 30, 2009 Dear Bugman: Due in part to our unusually cool and damp summer, we have not seen very many butterflies in our gardens this year. Today, this very welcome & docile Question Mark Butterfly was feasting on our Black Knight buddleia. It was very cooperative, as I took over 20 … Read more

Update: We're Writing a Book!!!

In January, we first posted the announcement that we are writing a book.  We have completed negotiations with our agent and editor at Penguin and finalized the deal, and we have purchased a new computer.  Now we need to actually write our book.  This will not be an identification guide and it will not be … Read more

Elm Sawfly

Large Black Fly July 30, 2009 Hello! My sister-in-law found this critter as it tried to take a short rest on her shoulder. We didn’t get a very good picture of it, but to be honest everyone was kinda scared of it! He is about 1.5 to 2 inches long, which makes it the largest … Read more