Brown bug with white spots on back
July 29, 2009
I recently found this bug crawling on my floor. I grabbed my camera as I”ve not seen it before. It had 4 white spots (the image below shows 2) that looked to be pretty symmetrical.
The antenne are about 3″ long or so.
To give an estimate, it’s about 2″ long
I found this just now (Jul 29, 2009) in Missouri.
Southeast Missouri

Ivory Marked Beetle

Ivory Marked Beetle

Hi Matt,
This is an Ivory Marked Beetle, Eburia quadrigeminata, a species in the family Cerambycidae also known as the Four Marked Ash Borer.  BugGuide has some information on this species including:  “Larvae bore into heartwood of deciduous trees, esp. ash, hickory. May emerge from finished lumber years after milling.

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  1. Cheryl Burke says:

    I have found two of these in my house this week. First in a downstairs bathroom, the second in an upstairs bathroom. Both were on the wall near the sink. What should I do with it? If it found on hardwood trees, how is it in my house?

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