Is this critter a Phytocoris varipes?
July 29, 2009
I found this critter on the control weir of a retention pond this morning. The fresh moulted shell was about two inches away from it and looks exactly like the pictures I can find on the Internet of Phytocoris varipes but the large growth between the body and head of the moulted insect are puzzling. I expect this will dissipate as the moult process completes? This insect, whatever it is, is about one inch long.
Elgin, South Carolina

Dragonfly Metamorphosis

Dragonfly Metamorphosis

Hi charlibrown,
You witnessed a Dragonfly metamorphosis.  The aquatic Naiad or larva has crawled out of the water and split its exoskeleton.  The growth you mentioned is actually the head of the adult Dragonfly with its large compound eyes.  Perhaps one of our readers can identify the species.

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  1. dflyiowa says:

    From the length of the lateral spines on the nymphal abdomen and the color of the adult eyes, plus the tan color of the thorax, I would think this is Pantala flavescens.

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