can you identify this please?
July 25, 2009
this bug found in my kitchen in north London United Kingdom.
however have recently returned from central America / Caribean holiday.
for scale one picture contains a shaving razor handle.
thank you
j davey
london U.K



Dear j davey,
First off, this has to be the smallest digital file we have ever had sent to us.  Despite our feeble eyesight, we have no doubt that is is a Whipscorpion in the order Uropygi.  It is not native to England and it is found in the Caribbean.  It is also a nocturnal hunter that may take shelter in a suitcase or other dark place.  It would seem customs did not do a thorough search.  Whipscorpions are perfectly harmless to humans despite the fierce appearance as they have no venom.

thank you
yes, looks just like it
sorry about the size of the file, didn’t realise it was so small, it was taken using the camera on the phone.
thank you for your help
any idea of a good home for it?

We would recommend a local pet store that sells Tarantulas.

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