What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination

Found your site; saved a bug!
July 27, 2009
Dear WTB,
Today I had the wonderful experience of settling down comfortably at my computer…and promptly having a house centipede fall on me from my ceiling.
I’ve never seen one of these little guys, and as fond as I am of bugs (I tend to release them on my patio if they seem intimidating, or if my cat tries to eat them and I spot them before he can), I had a bit of a panic trying to figure out what it was. I only counted 10 legs (poor little guy seemed to have lost a few, according to descriptions of it having 15) and it didn’t seem too recognizable compared to anything else I’d seen.
Your website helped me figure out what it was, and what good it does in my household. I released it a bit aways from where I like to relax so it wouldn’t bother me, and it could hopefully go around eating pests I don’t like in my house. I’m so glad that I didn’t squish it out of initial fear; it didn’t do me any harm, no more than a little shock, and it turns out that it’s like a little buddy keeping things that bite away. But ,browsing through your site and finding it, did me a world of good. It’s always comforting to know what you have isn’t unusual or harmful, and whether or not you should be releasing it far away or just letting it mosey along on its own business.
I’ve been browsing your site and I love all the good you’re doing by spreading knowledge about insects and encouraging people not to kill them on sight. Hopefully I’ll find an interesting bug to take a picture of for one of your posts!
Many thanks for helping me identify my new housemate,

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What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination

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