Worms wanted
July 23, 2009
[email protected]
Hi. I am studying hairworms, Gordian worms, or nematomorphs at the University of New Mexico. Several other biologists and I have started a study of the biodiversity and distribution of these critters in the New World. I noticed that some of your readers have noted Gordian worms, and I would very much appreciate if you would spread the word that we would love for people to collect and send us these worms. As you know, not much is known about this animal phylum, and we would like to change that with your help.
Thanks for your time, consideration, and great website!
Ben Hanelt

Hi Ben,
Normally, we do not print email addresses, but in this case, we suspect you would like our readership to contact you directly.

Thanks for your quick reply, and thanks again for your awesome website.  I think your site probably saves us biologists a lot of time identifying strange creatures- fantastic!
If you would put up a post of my e-mail or even just my website address, that would be great.  I will also work on linking to your site from ours, as I think it will be very useful for people who end up at our site.
Thanks again, and feel free to pick my brain anytime you get a posting that leaves you puzzled (I get those once in a while, and I am still not sure about some: is it animal, plant, or alien?).

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