Is this a Tiger Moth?
July 21, 2009
I spotted this moth on a waste bin in London’s Docklands mid morning in may this year. After stopping our van assistant from kicking it,I took this photo of it. A knowall (we all know one!) told me it was a Tiger moth. However no pictures I have found of a Tiger moth have the same delta shape wing. It was about 4 inches across from tip to tip. Can you tell me what species of moth it is?
Alan Kent England
East London England

Lime Hawkmoth

Lime Hawkmoth

Hi Alan,
This is a Lime Hawkmoth, Mimas tiliae.  According to UKMoths, it is a common species in the southern half of Britain.  We recently had a sighting in Pennsylvania, and there is documentation that the species has been sighted in Canada as well.  This probably represents an accidental introduction or possibly an intentional release from captivity raised specimens.  When we asked our readership to notify us of any additional North American sightings, we began to receive letters with photos of a similar appearing species  without the scalloped wing edges, the Pandora Sphinx, Eumorpha pandorus, which were mistaken for the Lime Hawkmoth.

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  1. Celticgirlintexas says:

    I found one of these on my balcony this last Friday in Lewisville, TX.

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