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Huge bug in Florida
July 21, 2009
We found this huge bug with wings and large jaws in our pool. It was almost four inches long. I carefully scooped it out of the pool and placed it in the grass, only to have my crazy weiner dog take a huge bite out of it! We felt really horrible being that the bug was so unique! What kind of bug is this?
Bug lovers in Florida
Gainesville, Florida



Dear Bug Lovers,
This is a Giant Water Bug, commonly called a Toe-Biter.  They are not aggressive towards humans, but they will deliver a painful bite if handled carelessly.  Toe-Biters are aggressive predators, and no small water creature is safe, be it fish, tadpole or insect.  In Thailand, Giant Water Bugs are eaten as a delicacy, and we are quite certain your pet found it to be quite toothsome.  Giant Water Bugs are not rare.  They actually are among our most frequent identification requests, along with House Centipedes, Potato Bugs, Boxelder Bugs and Pseudoscorpions.

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What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination

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