What is this flying thing?
July 20, 2009
Found this in the hall of our apartment complex. Thought it was a wasp of some sort until closer inspection. Still not sure though. It’s about 3-5 inches long and flies like a mosquito with its legs down. Not graceful like a dragonfly.
Curious in Japan
Zushi, Kanagawa, Japan

Unknown Crane Fly from Japan
Crane Fly from Japan

Dear Curious,
This is some species of Crane Fly in the infraorder
Tipulomorpha, but beyond that, we will need to seed professional assistance.  The feathered antennae are unusual.

Unknown Crane Fly from Japan
Crane Fly from Japan

Hi Daniel:
I believe the unknown Crane fly (family Tipulidae) is in the subfamily Ctenophorinae and the genus Ctenophora (=Cnemoncosis).  Apparently there are nine representatives of the genus in Japan, but closest match I can find appears to be C. ishiharai. It is a very unusual looking crane fly. Regards.

Thank you for the help.  The antennae looked like those of several mothes.
Thank you again. My sons are huge bug collectors with a strict rule of not killing anything, even the centipedes that get into the house once in awhile.


2 Responses to Unknown Crane Fly from Japan is Ctenophora ishiharai

  1. crane says:

    Ctenophora nohirae

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