Some type of wasp
July 20, 2009
I found these wasps targeting some butterfly weed out in a 6 acre meadow that abuts a pine oak forest. They weren’t interest in any other plant on the preserve. The photos should be enough to identify this specimen. Thanks!
Long Island New York

Great Golden Digger Wasp

Great Golden Digger Wasp

Hi Derek,
This is a Great Golden Digger Wasp, Sphex ichneumoneus, and we just posted photos of three specimens from our own garden in Los Angeles.  The species is found from coast to coast.  As you observed, the adults visit flowers for nectar, and the female Great Golden Digger Wasp preys upon Katydids, Crickets and related Long Horned Orthopterans to provision a nest for her young.

Location: New York

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