Dobsonfly in my garage?
July 20, 2009
I found this 3″ insect in the middle of my garage floor one evening, in a heavily wooded area of southeastern Pennsylvania, near a pond/creek. How it got there will remain a mystery, however I believe someone here can at least clear up the identity of the deceased, may it R.I.P.
From perusing your great site, I decided it most looks like a female dobsonfly, however I would like confirmation on that. It has been “bugging” me not to know for sure.
So that I don’t get nominated for a nasty reader award, I will say that I found it in this exact condition; dead, with missing body parts. 😉
Many thanks from Barto, PA
Heavily wooded area of Southeastern PA, near a creek

Dobsonfly:  Dead from unknown causes

Dobsonfly: Dead from unknown causes

Dear Barto,
You are correct.  This is a female Dobsonfly.  For the record, people who kill insects out of fear or ignorance do not become Nasty Readers, though they will wind up on the Unnecessary Carnage page in our attempt to educate the public as to what need not be killed.  Only when readers “attack” us in words and insult us do they become nasty readers.  Your photo will simply go in the Dobsonfly archives since you had nothing to do with her death.

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