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Looks like a Fish Fly
July 20, 2009
Hello bugman. I have briefly looked at your dobson fly and fish fly images and am leaning towards the fish fly for the specimen (of many around my home) that I have photographed. Although this one is missing one of his antennae, the remaining antennae somewhat reveals the absence of the feather like protrusions on one side which is said to be one of the defining characteristics of the Fish Fly. As well, the absence of any distinctive mandibles seems to discredit the possibility of a Dobson Fly. Sooo, did one of these critters from each family get together one night and have a party, and this is the result?
thanks for any info.
Nova Scotia, Canada

Dark Fish Fly

Dark Fish Fly

Hi Shrew,
This is a Fish Fly, more specifically, a Dark Fish Fly, in the genus Nigronia which we located on BugGuide.
Dobsonflies, Fishflies and Dark Fishflies are in the same family, Corydalidae, but in different genera.  This is how BugGuide identifies the differences between the two species:  “Wings with large white areas more or less continuous, especially across the middle; anal area of hindwing white; male antennae modified pectinate; female antennae serrate—Nigronia fasciatus  Wings with white spots isolated often associated with crossveins; anal area of hindwing brown; male and female antennae serrate— Nigronia serricornis“.  We would lean more towards Nigronia serricornis. This is the first Dark Fish Fly we have received and we are thrilled to add it to our archives.

What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination
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