Large Aquatic Bug (?) Found in the Ozarks, Does NOT Appear to be a Toe Biter
July 18, 2009
The picture that I have included is horrible, but it was gone so quickly we couldn’t snap a good picture, however, the outline is there. It was a large aquatic insect about 2 to 2 1/2 inches in diameter. Round body shape. Posterior is actually scalloped, blurred in picture. There small head with two short stubby protrusions. From what we could tell there were two very long arms that It could grab and swim with. (It held on to the tip of my fishing pole with these two arms. In the picture they are seen at it’s sides) It was a light brown color with some slight pattern on it’s back. It was found in about 3 foot of water in a slow moving section of a creek near Branson, Missouri. It was very round and from what I can tell from giant water bugs, they are much m ore oval or elliptical in shape. Hope this is helpful, I am very interested in knowing what this neat little guy is!
Thank you, Jamie
Ozarks Missouri, Bull Creek, arm of Table Rock Lake

Dragonhunter Naiad

Dragonhunter Naiad

Dear Jamie,
Though your photo is sorely lacking in the type of details that generally make an identification possible, the outline of the Naiad of the Dragonhunter, Hagenius brevistylus
, a type of Dragonfly, is quite distinctive.  We feel confident that you have seen a Dragonhunter Naiad and you can see a detailed photo on BugGuide.

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