elm sawfly and grapevine beetle
July 14, 2009
Hi Bugman!
Just used your site to identify this Elm Sawfly I saw while hiking in the mountains of North Carolina. Thought you might like the photo.
I also was able to identify the cute little Grapevine Beetle that was sadly squished on the grill of my car. Sorry little guy!
North Carolina

Roadkill:  Grapevine Beetle

Roadkill: Grapevine Beetle

Dear Carrie,
Though it saddens us, we are struck by the beauty of this graphic image of accidental insecticide.  The poor Grapevine Beetle was in the wrong place at the wrong time and became collateral damage.  It will not be appearing on our unnecessary carnage page which is reserved for malicious and premeditated killings and not involuntary roadkill.

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