flying insect
July 14, 2009
can you please identify this insect for me? Its wings click when it moves – it was having a problem flying when I photographed it. The picture tells the best story
don’t understand what you mean? if you mean my name, then Iris
Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada



Cicada  (Ed. Note:  Sometimes we just email a brief answer without posting a letter and photo.  This happens for various reasons, but lack of time is often a decisive factor.  Iris’ response below prompted us to go back into the trash to find her letter so we could post it.)

Dear Daniel
I searched for information on the Cicada on the internet and after seeing this wonderful video clip I shall never take these creatures for granted. They are a magnificent.
thanks again
Iris Churcher

Hi again Iris,
You should know that your species of Cicada is not the same as the Magicicada in the video.  Those 17 Year Locusts, as they are erroneously termed, are a phenomenon of nature, but your Cicada is no less wondrous.  Cicadas from Australia are believed to be the loudest insects in the world.

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