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reddish brown bugs with antennas and wings
Monday, July 13, 2009
My house is infested with these red bug that have wings and antennas. They look like specs. Some you barely see.
They are in the carpet, sofa on my bed sheets. I even found them in my linens closets. I thought they were bed bugs, but read that bed bugs are nocturnal and only feed at night. These bugs are biting all day and night. I can’t see them when they bite me, but can feel them. Then I itch like crazy. It feels like I rolled around in fiberglass. I walk around with spray bottle filled with alcohol to spray on my.
They wake me up at night. I turn the lights in my bedroom and inspect the sheets. Then I see red specks all over my sheets. I remove them with clear packing tape. Then spray my sheets with alcohol. This has been going on for a couple of months now.
I live in a new subdivision in Chandler Arizona. Since the housing market failed, there were no homes on each side of me or in back. Now that the interest rates have gone down, business is picking up for the builder. They have dug a home on each side and back of me – all at the same time.
Our state is known for dust storms and monsoons. I think during a bad dust storm, these bugs may have come in thru the vents of my home. Because now they are blowing in thru the a/c vents. I tested this by placing a white sheet on my bed during the day. I checked the sheet for any bugs. Then when the a/c comes on, I go back into my bedroom and check the sheet again and found alot of tiny red bugs. So whoever is laying the eggs must be living in the attic.
I had the exterminator spray in my home, but they are still biting me.
They are supposed come out on Wednesday and bomb my house and I will have to leave for 5 hours.
I’m now in the process of asking the builder to reimburse with these fees.
I had to throw out sheets, towels, pillows, clothes because they were loaded with these red bugs.
I am sick and tired of this infestation!
p.s. I will try and upload some pictures to you

Please send photos Marie.  In the meantime, we are putting you on the Worst Bug Story Ever page.

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One Response to Unknown Home Invaders

  1. nihil says:

    hmmm……could be bed bugs, chiggers or if they indeed have wings; midges (no see ums)
    This website speaks of Gall Midges in the Sonoran Desert in Arizona.

    Whatever it is they sound terrible. Marie should probably get the AC checked out and cleaned and also the furnace for the HVAC system. Don’t forget to check plants around the AC unit, windows, house etc.

    Good Luck!

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