Winged, fly then drop wings and crawl
June 8, 2009
I live in a mobile home in South Florida. These have been found mostly in a bedroom near a window. they tend to come out around 7 pm or so, I find the wings all over and when I look closer (especially under a blanket) I find the bodies writhing around. I had the same problem same time last year but not as many as this year. I’ve been told they are termites, or “swarming flies” or flying ants.
These I just “caught” and are floating in a bowl of water.
Any help? Thanks!
Stuart FL

Winged Termites:  Drowned after nuptial flight

Winged Termites: Drowned after nuptial flight

Dear Lynne,
We are sorry for the delay, but your letter arrived while we were visiting relatives in Ohio and we are just catching up on old mail.  These are in fact reproductive Termites.  King and Queen Termites swarm, usually after a rain, and then shed their wings after mating.  They then try to establish a new colony.  We suspect you have an infestation inside your mobile home and you will continue to get swarms of Termites on their nuptial flight each year when the conditions are right.
This is one of the rare cases where we would recommend a professional exterminator.

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