funny looking moth like bug
July 14, 2009
I was at my cousins house in Tenn., and the next day there was a green moth like bug on my Dads truck tire. My Cousin said it was a locust, but it didn’t look like any locust I ever seen, after a while thay shed there body and legs and return into the ground as a worm like form again, I think..
What ever way is good for you.
Church Hill Tennessee, near Hewkins Tenn.

newly metamorphosed Cicada

freshly metamorphosed Cicada

Dear What ever,
This is a newly metamorphosed Cicada.  Some people refer to Cicadas as Locusts, but that is not taxonomically correct.  The winged adult does not return to the ground as a worm, but the cast off skin is from the nymph that matures underground.

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