Swarm of red/black insects
June 13, 2009
Swarm of red/black insects
• Your letter to the bugman (please provide as much narrative and information as possible)    I have what I would describe as a swarm of red and black insects on the side of my house and my neighbor’s house. There are two distinct looking types. One is larger and more black than red while the other is smaller and is more red than black, and there are tinyred ones I can only assume are babies everywhere.
Nathan Elsener
North Central West Virginia

Boxelder Bug Aggregation

Boxelder Bug Aggregation

Hi Nathan,
Boxelder Bugs like the ones in your photo are one of our most frequently requested identifications.  The Boxelder Bugs frequently form large aggregations of nymphs and adults.  Other than being a nuisance, the Boxelder Bugs are benign.

8 Responses to Boxelder Bugs

  1. tsinche says:

    Hi Bugman, This time of the year, this would be a good candidate, for nuisance of the month!

  2. Nancy Dawson says:

    What can I do to get rid of these bugs? Can I keep them from getting into my home?

  3. Maye says:

    Are they toxic to livestock?

  4. Jeanne Jones says:

    My house is almost covered with boxelder bugs. I live in Florida. What can I do. They seem to be nesting in the eaves where I cannot get to them. They are getting into the house. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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