Black and light blue striped-antaennaed flying beetle-looking bugger
July 14, 2009
It can be said we already attract an odd assortment of characters, but this week a friendly beetle-looking bug befriended *us*. My roommates and I live in Anaheim, CA (about 20 min. south of Los Angeles), and the bug seems to have taken to our little corner, hanging out in our trees, rose bushes, and carport for several days now. The belly is a light baby blue, the back is predominantly black, and the antennae is striped with the two colors. Any ideas? Thanks!
Friends of the friendly bug
Southern California

Banded Laurel Borer

Banded Laurel Borer

Dear Friends,
This beautiful beetle is known as a Banded Laurel Borer and it is found throughout western North America.

Thank you!  Keep up the good work on your fun website, and good luck with the book!

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