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May 30, 2009
Hello bugman,
We found this brown bug on our balcony in Hong Kong. We’re curious to know its origins, living habits and what it eats. Can you help?
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Hong Kong, China

Unknown Stink Bug

Lychee Stink Bug

Dear Email Signature,
This is some species of Stink Bug in the family Pentatomidae.  We will try to get you an exact species name, or perhaps one of our readers will have the time to research this Stink Bug’s taxonomy.

Update:  April 3, 2014
Thanks to a comment from a new visitor to our site, Rob, we are confident that this is a Lychee Stink Bug, Tessaratoma papillosa, which is pictured on the Light Creations website.  We have numerous images of immature specimens of Lychee Stink Bugs on our site.

Location: Hong Kong

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  1. Rob T says:

    Have just joined your site and saw this post albeit from 2009. I think this is an adult Tessaratoma papillosa, Lychee Giant Stink Bug, or a similar sub-species. I have seen a few of these near Longan tree’s in Chiang Mai where I live. I have some pics of these including First Instar Nymph, 2 more Nymph stages and Adult. Images can be seen at http://farangsgonewild.weebly.com/hemiptera—true-bugs.html

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