Beautiful brown beetle
July 13, 2009
This was taken on Sat. (July the 10h) in Charlotte, NC. We had a huge yardsale (we made $666.25) and the door to the house was open and this fella was on the kitchen wall. I am on WTB daily and often use it to identify things that I cannot readily identify. I love this site! The beetle (a longicorn possibly) was about an inch long. I took some photos and then let him out into the woods behind the house.
Brian R. Lucas
Charlotte, NC

Spined Oak Borer

Spined Oak Borer

Thanks for your nice letter Brian,
This is a Spined Oak Borer, Elaphidion mucranatum.  According to BugGuide:  “Eggs are laid beneath bark of dead hardwoods. Larvae feed beneath the bark for the first year and feed deeper the second year. Adults come to lights, bait traps.

Excellent I can add that one to my collection of insects I can identify.  I had a huge Chalcophora virginiensis land on me at the Reedy Creek Nature preserve here in charlotte a few months back and it totally freaked out the guys I was playing disc golf with (I play almost every day) I got to identify it and tell them about itt. I am now the “bug guy” for our club I identify and inform people about all the neat bugs (and additionally reptile/amphibians) on our courses. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get a picture of the lime green assassin bug that visited the yard sale.  You guys rock, and condolences on the fishes.

Thanks for the condolences Brian.  There will be more fish soon enough.  The sad part is that we rescued them from the community aquarium and kept them alone and fed them for four days.  We just misjudged what a young Angelfish will try to put in its mouth.  We won’t make that mistake again.

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  1. nadea says:

    Hello. I was just wondering if these insects were harmful to humans. Do they bite and can they infest a house?

  2. Nancy says:

    I live in kirtland, N.M.
    I found one of these on the top of my ceiling. I also want to know if it is dangerous

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