Monday, July 13, 2009
The Carnage
Last night, before going to bed, we released the week old hatchlings into the nursery aquarium with the two week older siblings.  Though there was a difference in size, we thought all would be fine.  About an hour after turning on the light this morning, we realized we had made an horrific judgment error.  One of the larger fish in the tank had a younger sibling in its mouth.  Most of the younger fish were floating dead or dying.  We don’t know if they were picked to death, or if they were partially chewed and disgorged, but we suspect since a fish will attempt to eat most anything that will not eat it, there was just too much of a size discrepancy for the two generations to coexist, at least until the youngest had gotten more experienced.  Sadly, we have lost nearly the entire generation.  We managed to rescue two little guys and they are once more quarantined.  The largest of the second generation seems to be coexisting right now with the larger siblings

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