Flying Ant Demon! With a Stinger.
July 12, 2009
About 2-2 1/2 inches long, 1/2 inch long pinchers. Antennas on head felt like needles. Obviously could fly. 6 legs, stinger on tail size of head. about all i know, my friends uncle put a screw in it because it scared him i think!
Ryan Darveaux
Arrington, KS

Dobsonfly Gets Screwed

Dobsonfly Gets Screwed

This goes way way beyond Unnecessary Carnage.  It actually borders on medieval torture.  This poor male Dobsonfly was perfectly harmless, and now it is dead.

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  1. TanukiBlue says:

    That is just horrible. I’ve encountered a couple of these guys in RL and they are completely inoffensive. They can’t even bite effectively with those goony jaws! (However, watch out for the ladies of the species, as THOSE can deliver a painful nip with their short and well-muscled mandibles.)

    My reaction to the first one I ever saw was immense curiosity. It was a really poor flier and it was pretty clear to me from the way the male’s jaws were shaped that it couldn’t possibly deliver anything more than a gentle squeeze. I’ve handled male Dobsonflies and find them adorable in their goony, goofy way of moving about. You wouldn’t get me to hold a female, though.

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