green bug from aquarium
June 3, 2009
found this bug swimming in my aquarium (oteh residents are pimelodus pictus (4), Chromobotia macracanthus (3), Ancistrus dolichopterus (2). i’m feeding my fish with sera mix chips and live bloodworms larve. it’s app. 1 inch in lenght, swimming by moving it’s body left and right.
Ljubljana, Slovenia, Europe

Damselfly Naiad

Damselfly Naiad

Dear In need of Help,
This is a Damselfly Naiad, the larval form of a winged insect similar to a Dragonfly.  Damselfly Naiads are predators, but they cannot handle adult fish.  Hatchlings and small fry might get eaten.  We suspect this Damselfly Naiad was introduced with the live Bloodworms.  We have been feeding our Angelfish live Mosquito Larvae we catch in the birdbath and in various places we keep water in the yard.  We suspect we have introduced a predator that ate some of our fry.

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