Giant Ichneumon: female of the species

Wood hornet? July 31, 2009 This bug was flying around the lights in front of my house in Richmond, Virginia on the night of July 29, 2009. I think it could be a wood hornet and I think the whip-like tail could be an ovipositor (thanks to the information your website provided!) but I am … Read more

Ichneumon: Therion morio

Crane Fly? Damsel Fly? Really Off-Course Fly? July 31, 2009 Hey there – Here’s a very interesting looking flying insect found yesterday, July 30th, at Massassauga Point Conservation Area, Prince Edward County, Ontario. Very sunny day, humid, temperatures around 28 Celsius. My wife works for the conservation authority and was in the field when she … Read more

Painted Grasshopper, we presume

“patchwork” colorful grasshopper July 31, 2009 Please please forgive the poor photos–I only had my cellphone camera and couldn’t see the screen, etc. Mid-afternoon, in bunch grasses, July 30. Any idea what it might be? Thanks! Michael (needs a better cellphone cam) Santa Fe, NM Painted Grasshopper: Impressionist Rendition Dear Michael, Remember, you bought a … Read more

Cottonwood Borer

BIG BLACK AND WHITE BUG July 31, 2009 I wrote yesterday, but have not received a copy of my email, so thought it did not go through. This bug was about 2″ long. It was thick with dark black legs and feelers that were thick. Its back legs were tipped at the foot area with … Read more