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Mon, Jun 22, 2009 at 9:39 PM
My freind and I were camping in Algonquin Park for six day on the Petawawa River. On the second last night we came across this interesting looking centipeide? at around 9:30 in the evening. After following it around for a whille we noticed another one. We then paned the rocky campsite and saw may of these things crawling towards us. They all must have been about 4 to 5 inches in length and a half inch wide. As the next day went on we saw very few (2 or three of them)of there on our travels down river. When night approced that evening we saw them againg coming out in numbers. Thge only difference this night is that they were crawing all over my tent as I slept. At one point of the night I woke up and counted ten on my tent. It was deffenatly a very creepy ni ght! I am very interested to know what this is?
Greg Noel
Algonquin Park on the Petawawa River



Dear Greg,
If your camping trip involved fishing, you missed an opportunity to stock up on one of the most prized of all live bait, Hellgrammites. Hellgrammites are the larvae of Dobsonflies. We have recently posted several images of Dobsonflies, so your Hellgrammite is a welcome current posting to our site. Your first-hand observations of the nocturnal wanderings of Hellgrammites is unlike anything we have ever read in a traditional entomology text, and as such, it is priceless.

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  1. pond eddy says:

    I live on the Delaware River and each year we have the hellgramites crawling up to our house, sometimes even in our house (we have found them in our bed).Someone left the screen on the slider open a crack. The way this man described the crawling is exactly as we see it each year, and then when they metamorphasis into the adult dobsonfly is a sight to behold, hundreds of these creepy critters flying in the night. As I write this letter I have a dozen adults on the side of my house. AS WE SAY EACH YEAR THERE HERE!!!

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