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Fri, Jun 12, 2009 at 6:54 AM
Could you help tell me a bit about this type of bug? I found this one on my patio, and have never seen this type of bug here. I have seen something similar to this farther east in Barstow, only it was about 6″ in length. This one was only about 2″. Have heard them called date bugs, and large cockroaches farther east, but this one was smaller and about 50 miles east of Barstow, CA.
Apple Valley, CA

California Prionus

California Prionus

Hi JR,
This is a California Prionus, Prionus californicus.  We just finished posting an image of an eastern relative, the Tile Horned Prionus.  The Prionids are a group of Longicorns or Long Horned Borer Beetles.  The California Prionus has grublike larvae that bore in the wood of oaks, madrone, cottonwoods, fruit trees and Eucalyptus trees according to Charles Hogue in Insects of the Los Angeles Basin.  Your specimen is a male.  The larger female has less impressive antennae.

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  1. pat cincotta says:

    I have a bug flying around my apartment that looks like the California prionus but smaller and is a steel grey color. It knows enough to hide when I turn on a light and is driving me crazy because I’m afraid it will land on me in bed. I swatted it with a magazine and thought it was dead but a few minutes later it was buzzing around my bed again. It’s about half an inch long but without a long body and looks like a beetle. The closest one pictured is the prionus, but it looks too big.

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