What type of Moth is this?
Tue, Jun 9, 2009 at 12:53 PM
I found this giant moth on a fence in Cedar City, Utah. He was just hanging out so I took his picture. I was afraid to take my quarter back, he kinda creeped me out. I kept thinking he’s gonna fly into my hair and I’m going to freak out. He didn’t. Next day he was gone. I got my quarter back. Well, yesterday he was back and he brought a friend! We get some big creepy bugs and scorpions around here. Best are the Jerusalem crickets. Like little alien creatures! I’ve never seen these before and wondered what they are.
Bug watchin’ in Southern Utah.
Cedar City, (southern) Utah 5700 ft elev.

Mating Western Poplar Sphinxes

Mating Western Poplar Sphinxes

Dear Bug watchin’,
You have had the good fortune to observe mating Western Poplar Sphinxes, Pachysphinx occidentalis a species of Hawk Moth.  They are harmless and the adult moths of this species do not feed, though many Hawk Moths do feed as adults.  According to BugGuide there are:  “Adult: 2 color forms – forewing of light form pale yellowish-brown, darker in median area; forewing of dark form similar to Modest Sphinx ( Pachysphinx modesta ) but with darker lines that contrast more against ground color .”  It seems your photo is of the light form of the moth.

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