Salticid kills Asilidae Foodchain
Sat, May 23, 2009 at 10:09 PM
Hi guys,
Got this picture today of a Jumping Spider catching a tiny Robberfly. The spider is one I have been trying to identify with the help of the University of Southern Queensland but there are over 500 species most of which have never been photographed so it is proving quite difficult. Hope you like the shot
Queensland, Australia

Jumping Spider eats Robber Fly

Jumping Spider eats Robber Fly

Hi Trevor,
We cannot believe how far we had to go back in our email inbox to retrieve your letter which we were too busy to post when we first noticed it.  Summer is approaching in the northern hemisphere and our mail is increasing to the point that we must virtually ignore much of it.  Thanks for sending us your awesome image of a Jumping Spider feeding upon a Robber Fly.

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