English Beetle in Cumbria
Tue, May 26, 2009 at 12:49 AM
Hello Bug Expert,
We found this beetle on a fell top here in Cumbria (the English Lake District) on a summers day. There were two of these in a small field vole corpse and when disturbed they made a peculiar hissing noise that seems to emanate from their wings? They are quick burrowers and quite hard to photograph very well. Can you identify it please?
Stephen Lainson
Great Stickle, Cumbria, English Lake District

Sexton Beetle

Sexton Beetle

Dear Stephen,
This is a Sexton Beetle or Burying Beetle.  It is probably in the genus Nicrophorus like similar beetles in North America.  We haven’t the time right now to try to identify the exact species.  The pair were burying the vole corpse where they will lay their eggs.  A pair of Burying Beetles can bury a small corpse in a very short period of time.

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  1. Adrian Ruicanescu says:

    This is Nicrophorus vespilloides, the most common sexton beetle in Europe. Like the American ones, this species burying small bodies such mices or little birds, transform its in pitches where will feed their larvae.

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