Rain Beetle
Thu, May 21, 2009 at 10:42 AM
I’m not here to ask what this is, I’m pretty sure of what it is having found your wonderful site but I did think you might appreciate a couple of pictures. I found this emerald coloured Rain Beetle in my back garden and took plenty of photos before it flew away.
Corfe Mullen, Dorset

Rose Chafer

Rose Chafer

Dear Pippa,
Your beautiful Scarab Beetle is actually a Rose Chafer, Cetonia aurata.  According to the UK Safari website:  is “Found throughout the UK, although thought to be declining in numbers. Months seen: May to October.”  The website also indicates:  “The rose chafer is one of our larger and more attractive beetles. The upper surfaces are an iridescent emerald green and bronze colour. The underside is a bronze colour. There are ragged white marks running widthways across the wing casings which look like fine cracks. Rose chafers are usually seen in sunny weather feeding on the petals of flowers – especially roses. ”

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  1. Rabbitlikedirt says:

    Hi, I’m Derrick and I’m new to this site… My reason for joining is as a result of a discovery I made. I love taking pictures, especially of nature/things around. While walking around the yard, I spotted a bright red thing close to the ground. At first I thought it was a berry as there are some growing at different spots in the yard. Upon closer inspection, it was hanging upside down on a web. It looked at one point like a black spider carrying a large red bug, then I thought “spiders carry their eggs too.. but I’ve never seen a red egg sack before. It turned out to be that the whole thing was the “spider”. I Googled it but the closest I’ve come to identifying it is the Florinda Coccinea. I figure there are many species of spiders and variations of specific types, but the pictures I found were all red except for maybe a spot or 2. The creature I found is red with black patterns on the side. I will try to upload. I would like to know what it is… I live in the tropics (Jamaica), and I’ve never come across this creature before in my yard (and I have scoured my yard many times while taking pictures especially. It’s the ending of November and I know certain species like the crab orb weaver shows up around this time, so I was wondering if this thing I found is seasonal as well.. Thanks for any assistance you are able to give… I like your site….

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