Tiger Beetles
Sun, May 17, 2009 at 4:32 AM
Hi Lisa Anne and Daniel, thank you for your generous remarks of 5/10. Central WY has been cool and uncharacteristically cloudy this spring, Lepidoptera seem less evident and other orders more so. These tiger beetles especially have stood out. Please correct my i.d.s where necessary.
Your site is still the best!
near Casper, WY

Green Claybank Tiger Beetle???

Badlands Tiger Beetle

Ed. Note:  March 22, 2017
We have made corrections to the names of these Wyoming Tiger Beetles based on a comment submitted by Bill Prather.

Hi Dwaine,
Either the Montana Field Guide website Tiger Beetle page has a dearth of photos, or there is something currently wrong with it. When we tried clicking
Green Claybank Tiger Beetle, Cicindela denverensis, we get a message that indicates “No photos are currently available.” Upon turning to BugGuide, we see that your specimen appears to match the pictured specimen posted there. The Festive Tiger Beetle – Cicindela scutellaris scutellaris is also noticeably absent from the Montana Field Guide site, but is present on BugGuide, though the common name Festive Tiger Beetle is not indicated. The habitat is listed as “Commonly found in dry sandy habitats with sparse vegetation such as blowouts, dune swales, and roads.” Once again, your photo matches the subspecies of this species posted on BugGuide. The subspecies is found in Alberta, Canada which borders Montana.

Festive Tiger Beetle???

Festive Tiger Beetle

Finally, the specimen that you have identified as a Beautiful Tiger Beetle is not listed on the Montana site.  It does not resemble the images posted to BugGuide.  We would be more inclined to identify it as the Bronzed Tiger Beetle or Common Shore Tiger Beetle, Cicindela repanda, based on images posted to BugGuide.  It is listed on the Montana Field Guide Tiger Beetle page, but once again, “No photos are currently available.”  We really believe a true expert in the genus is needed for positive identifications of Tiger Beetles, but we will post our tentative identifications nonetheless.  Thanks Dwaine for your wonderful photos.  Posting this entry ate up our allotted web time today and we have chores to attend to now.

Bronzed Tiger Beetle???

Oblique Lined Tiger Beetle

Location: Casper, Wyoming

2 Responses to Three species of Tiger Beetles from Wyoming

  1. bill prather says:

    I can’t believe no one has corrected this information before so maybe corrections don’t post? The top photo is Badlands Tiger Beetle, Cicindela decemnotata, the bottom one is Oblique-lined Tiger Beetle, Cicindela tranquebarica. The center one is Festive Tiger Bettle, as labeled.

    • bugman says:

      Thanks for the corrections Bill. You are the first person who has written to us regarding this eight year old posting.

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