Leaf Footed Hatchlings Caught in the Act….. Hatching!
Tue, May 12, 2009 at 7:40 PM
These cute little bugs were in the process of hatching right before my eyes. Within half an hour they were all out of their egg casings and huddled together. I saw the mother a few days earlier and didn’t realise what she was doing, by the time I did, she was long gone. She was certainly a leaf-footed bug, well at least I think so, I just can’t seem to figure out which kind. I’ve found no images that look similar to mine. Cure my curiosity! (please:)
Daniel Allen
Austin, TX

Leaf Footed Bug Hatchlings

Leaf Footed Bug Hatchlings

Dear Daniel,
Hatchlings can often be very difficult to properly identify.  We wish you had taken a photograph of the adult because that would have made the identity of the hatchlings certain and would have been a much easier task.  We believe they are Leaf Footed Bugs in the family Coreidae.

Location: Austin, Texas

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  1. Carmen says:

    These look like wheel bugs. We had the same thing hatch on our dogwood and watched them grow into wheel bugs.

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