Giant Hornet
Sun, May 3, 2009 at 6:15 AM
Hello again,
Thanks to your wonderful site and also to Jeff & Helen West of Winchester, VA (9/24/06), this beauty was easily identified as a Giant Hornet, Vespa crabro germana.  Maybe these photos will help the next person looking to identify a specimen.
It flew in the house last night, upset a guest, but didn’t make it to morning…found in this condition on the floor.
Many thanks Daniel,
R.G. Marion
Great Smoky Mountains, TN

Giant Hornet

Giant Hornet

Hi R.G.,
Thanks for sending us your photos of the Giant Hornet or European Hornet.  We recently posted a photo of a living specimen, and the inclusion of the ruler for scale should be quite helpful to our readership.

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Location: Tennessee

2 Responses to Giant Hornet

  1. B. A. Reinking says:

    In Blue ridge GA. Large Hornets, fly towards lights and fires at night. Attact Humming Birds and other birds at bird feeders. Are in groups and the sting is super painful. They are large. If one leaves porch light on at night they congregate. Scarey and intrusive.

  2. Jerry Henson says:

    In Cherokee County North Georgia around 2:30 AM this morning . In deep woods moving a dead branch off of ground near pet cemetery. I had a very bright flashlight and heard the familiar buzzing sound. Very much like a humming bird sound . Very creepy. I started trying to move away after he buzzed me a couple of times. Got stung on inside of wrist near large blood vein. Worst sting pain to date and I’ve had many. Much worse than scorpion or bald faced hornet. Made yellow dot, circled by pale blue then very large red swollen area for hours leaving stiffness in wrist movement. I now think he came at my flashlight. I’ve seen them go after my car headlights after finding and spraying huge nest in massive dead oak tree hollow on bottom. I have been right to dread this sting since first seeing one of these buzzing a floodlight at night many years back. Avoid if at all possible! If you hear/see one at night, lose the flashlight!

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