Is it a bug or a russian spy insect?
Thu, Apr 9, 2009 at 5:28 PM
Dear Bugman,
You’ve helped me once before in identifying a bug, a carpet beetle, in fact. I have a new mystery and I was wondering if you could help me once again. I have attached some photos. I found this critter on my wall outside of my bathroom in the basement of our house. I live in White Rock, British Columbia, not too far from the beach.
He was a little smaller than a dime, but not so small that I would consider him half the size of a dime. He looked as though he was encased in some sort of plastic that had holes in it for his legs and small part of his head to fit through. Once on his back inside the cup, he didn’t appear to be able to right himself (at least, he didn’t try while I was watching). This was taken with my phone camera so the colouring is slightly off, but he was more of a true grey colour, almost even a slightly blue grey colour.
Any idea what this creature could be? Unfortunately, these are the only photos I have of him. I released him outside shortly after taking them.
I anxiously await your response.
Curiously yours,
White Rock, BC



Hi Cheryl,
This is a Tick, and it appears to be engorged with blood.  We suspect it might be an American Dog Tick, Dermacentor variabilis.  There is a photo on BugGuide that closely resembles your specimen, and it was identified as an American Dog Tick after first being mistaken for a Deer Tick.  We would prefer that an Acarologist make the final call as to the species.

4 Responses to Tick, possibly American Dog Tick

  1. lonnie says:

    what happens when the tick drops off i mean dose it die or goes off to find another dog and what happens to the dog? thank you

  2. Pat Gonzales says:

    I just found this same bug on my couch where my chichuachua. Looks almost identical the photo sent by Cheryl. I live in the Los Angeles county in California. I have lived here all my life 50 yrs+. We don’t live out in the country but in the suburbs. All I have are flower beds and grass. What can I do to treat my lawn and flower beds to get rid of this?

  3. Lee Schelin says:

    Our Aussie had a Tick like the one posted by Cheryl. Are their eggs like black specks, like pepper?

  4. Lee Schelin says:

    Does the American Dog Tick, Dermacentor variabilis carry Lyme Disease?

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