California Slender Salamander
Thu, Mar 19, 2009 at 8:59 AM
Love your site. Thought I’d send you some photos of the California Slender for your Amphibian section.
These guys were found in Los Gatos, up in the Santa Cruz Mountains.
Santa Cruz Mtns CA

California Slender Salamander

California Slender Salamander

Dear NewtHunterDave,
Thanks for your lovely image of a California Slender Salamander.  Perhaps we didn’t do enough gardening yet this year, but we have yet to see a California Slender Salamander in our yard in 2009.  Once, upon turning over a board, we found about six huddled together.  Our garden is on Mount Washington in sight of downtown Los Angeles.  It is part of an endangered California Black Walnut endangered woodland, and since our lot faces north, it stays somewhat cool and damp, providing a perfect habitat for these delicate creatures.

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  1. Isius says:

    Do these salamanders come in a very pale, almost white colour, with blue/black tongues and eyes?

    I remember seeing something that looked just like this, but I can’t remember if it had legs. Seeing as how tiny their legs are, perhaps I just don’t remember them/didn’t see them. I suppose perhaps it could have been a baby snake, but this picture is just like it. It was only about mmm, probably 5-7cm.

    Located in Southern Ontario, Canada

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