Clearwing Moth?
Tue, Feb 17, 2009 at 12:17 PM
This insect was photographed in a longleaf pine forest in late September in SW Georgia. The head and antennae remind me of a moth or butterfly but the wings suggest otherwise. Could you please provide proper identification?
Southwest Georgia

Four Spotted Owlfly

Four Spotted Owlfly

Hi Aubrey,
What a spectacular photo of an Owlfly in the family Ascalaphidae, probably the Four Spotted Owlfly, Ululodes quadripunctatus. BugGuide has an excellent page with information on the species. Owlflies are Neuropterans and are related to Lacewings.

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  1. Joshua Jones says:

    Ascalptynx appendiculatus, a female.

  2. Joshua Jones says:

    Ascaloptynx appendiculatus, a female.

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