Sunday, Feb 8, 2009 at 3:48 PM
I found this insect between branches and grass. It was moving very slow and just like a spider it was able to walk on wall and similar vertical places. I would like to know what type of insect it is, because I have never seen anything like this.
Skopje, Macednia

Questionable Mantis from Macedonia

Mantis from Macedonia

Hi Monika,
Your insect is some species of Mantis. First we needed to do a web search on your location, and now know that Skopje is in Macedonia. We thought your insect resembled an immature Wandering Violin Mantis, Gongylus gongylodes, but the information we have been able to locate indicates that species ranges in India and Sri Lanka, but that it is a popular pet species. We have not had any luck identifying a native Macedonian Mantis that resembles your specimen, and we have concluded that there are two possibilities regarding your species’ identification. Either it is native to Macedonia and possibly a close relative of Gongylus gongylodes, or it is an accidentally escaped or released pet specimen. Hopefully, one of our readers may be able to provide a more concrete identification.

Questionable Mantis from Macedonia

Mantis from Macedonia

Update: from Eric Eaton
Have no idea on the mantid. They just aren’t my “thing….” I know there is at least one “mantis forum” bulletin board out there, so you might try them.

Update: Monday, February 6, 2009
Hi Daniel:
I believe this is Empusa fasciata. If go to the forum there several wonderful pictures of a sub-adult photographed in Thessaloniki, Macedonia that looks like an exact match. Regards.

Thanks KArl,
The TrekNature Website calls this the Cone Head Mantis.

2 Responses to Cone Head Mantis from Macedonia

  1. z0ned says:

    Looks like a Empusa pennata.

  2. LeeW says:

    these things are so bizare looking… I guess we know where the creators of Alien got their inspiration!!

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