Hispellinus australicus
Tue, Jan 13, 2009 at 7:56 PM
Hi guys,
I came across a couple of these elusive leaf beetles in my yard. To the naked eye they are just a very tiny plain black beetle. They are only about 2mm long. I did a google search on them and only found a few entries and no photos so thought you might like to be the first site with a picture. I love their spiky wing case.
Queensland, Australia

Leaf Beetle:  Hispellinus australicus

Leaf Beetle: Hispellinus australicus

Hi Trevor,
Thanks so much for giving us the honor of posting your landmark photo of Hispellinus australicus, a Leaf Beetle.  It surely is a distinctive looking specimen.

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  1. drtjhawkeswood says:

    I think the species should be Hispellinus multispinosus. I reviewed the species biology in paper 252, available as a free pdf file from my website http://www.calodema.com

    Thank you, Trevor

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