January 1. 2009
We are having intermittent internet connectivity problems with our provider Time Warner cable, and a technician cannot come to our office until Monday. Please excuse any delays we have in posting and responding to your queries. Right now we are unable to post any new images and we need to resolve this problem.

2 Responses to We're experiencing technical difficulties

  1. bugdude21 says:

    I think its time to switch your cable company.

  2. gokibi says:

    The Red and Black Thrips posted by the Canadians is Hoplandrothrips brunneicornis. I intercepted specimens coming from Ontario on firewood and sent them to the Smithsonian. The adults were black and the immatures were red. They inhabited logs with fungal rot and fungus beetle larvae on them. The adults had enlarged front legs almost raptorial like a predator. However, most thrips are plant feeders. So it’s a mystery if they were feeding on the fungus or the fungus beetle larvae. Not much literature exists about this species.

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