I found a very beautiful bug and was wondering what it is. December 30, 2009 Hi There, I found this beautiful bug on some Texas Privet flowers and was wondering what it is. I found it in La Jolla ,California in August of this year. Sean La Jolla, Califonia Hi Sean, This is a Tiger … Read more

Dog Tick

Son (partially) ate this blood-containing insect. Help! December 28, 2009 Photos are of a non-eaten, but same, insect. Flea? Tick? Found indoors in Berkeley, CA home during cold, intermittently rainy weather. Had not noticed any before in 4 years here; recently have seen several. Dog present in home. Have not noticed any bites on people … Read more

Tree Stink Bug

Is this a true or stink bug? December 30, 2009 We found this dead bug in our warehouse a couple of weeks ago. Then we found your website today and spent most of the afternoon going thru submitted pics and responses. What a way to spend a quite afternoon at work! Handly Working, Dave Columbus,Ohio … Read more


Pseudoscorpion on Monitor December 31, 2009 Dear Bugman, I thought you might enjoy this pseudoscorpion as much as I did. I usually have one or two of them in the bathroom, but this is the first time that one showed up on the computer monitor. These critters certainly look creepy, but ever since I read … Read more