What eats that bug and what does that but eat
Thu, Dec 11, 2008 at 12:41 AM
I am wondering whether Red back spiders have anything to do with my bug, especially if they eat red back spiders (will be very happy if they do) or if red back spiders eat my bug (will need information on getting rid of the bugs if that’s so).I would also like to know if they are native to Australia or not.
Tasha Storey
Melboure Australia (my backyard in Cheltenham)

Unknown True Bug from Australia

Unknown True Bug from Australia

Hi Tasha,
We are having a bit of difficulty identifying your species of True Bug.  We are not even certain if the family is a Cotton Stainer in the family Pyrrhocoridae, a Largid Bug in the family Largidae, a Seed Bug in the family Lygaeidae, or possibly a Scentless Plant Bug in the family Rhopalidae.  We will continue to research and hopefully a reader can provide an answer if we cannot.  We are certain that it will not feed on Red Back Spiders and they have no relationship to the spiders except in coloration.

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