Unidentified Flying Bug
Wed, Nov 26, 2008 at 8:50 PM
I never started noticing these bugs before this year. I’ve killed lots of bugs in my family’s house, because I live in our basement. I first started noticing these bugs outside on my car. They were well camouflaged, flat, and every time I saw one I swore it was pentagonal. I have just recently discovered that these flat beetlish things can fly. I just killed two in under five minutes that were flying around the overhead light in our basement. They looked like large moths when they were flying, but when I smacked them down with a flyswatter they were smaller, their underbellies a yellowish-cream color. Their inside fluids smell terrible, like moldy soap scum or dull mothballs.
I’m sorry I’m only giving you a picture of a dead one. They looked greenish outside, but in the picture I discovered they were brown. I just want to know if there’s some kind of infestation going on in my house. Sorry to be so negative, but I once had a bad experience with a spider looking bug laying eggs in my hair and now want to kill all bugs.
The insides were yellow and red, if that helps.
A flustered murderer
Arlington, VA

Brochymena Carnage

Brown Marmorated Stink Bug

Dear Flustered Murderer,
You have swatted a Stink Bug in the genus Brochymena, commonly called Tree Stink Bugs. Stink Bugs and other Hemipterans like the Western Conifer Seed Bug often enter homes for shelter when cool weather sets in. They will not damage your home and they pose no threat to you except for the annoyance they may cause. Brochymena species are predatory on other insects, most notably caterpillars.

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Location: Virginia

2 Responses to CORRECTION: Brown Marmorated Stink Bug, NOT Tree Stink Bug swatted in the basement

  1. Captain America says:

    MISIDENTIFICATION: This is NOT the tree stink bug/Pentatoma rufipes.

    This is the INVASIVE CHINESE SPECIES the Brown Marmorated Stinkbug/Halyomorpha halys.

    The smooth shoulder with four dots, white bands on the dark antennae, as well as the notable differences from the tree stink bug (entirely different structure of the body), and as this fellow from Arlington said, it smelled disgusting. When killed, ordinary stink bugs are not anywhere near as repugnant as the Brown Marmorated stinker.

    This is VERY NECESSARY CARNAGE. This is one of the largest pests spreading through North America right now, and any killing of this bug should be rewarded with a medal rather than negative connotations.

    This breed should be terminated by soaking the insect in soap, the insect being sucked into a vaccume cleaner, or simply capturing the insect inside of a glass jar and leaving it out to bake in the sun. These vile creatures cause massive damage to crops and are a major pain to homeowners and insect enthusiasts alike.

    This article needs to be corrected. See this link for details on the Brown Mammy’s distinct characteristics which match the indicated picture given here:

    • bugman says:

      Thanks for your correction. We have removed the unnecessary carnage tag and replaced it with an Invasive Exotics tag. We rarely have a chance to go through our archives to make corrections and our reader input is very valuable to us in this respect.

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