long beetle bug
Thu, Nov 20, 2008 at 9:04 PM
I found this in my kitchen, only one of them in with the pans. It’s only about 1 inch long and it’s head is round and flat – disk shaped.
Newcastle, CA (Foothills, No. Cal)

Possibly Rove Beetle Larva

Possibly Rove Beetle Larva

Hi Julie,
There is no need for concern. This is a predatory larva and it will not harm you, your home, or your pets, unless you have some insect pets. We believe this is one of the Rove Beetles. We will check with Eric Eaton to get a confirmation.

Hi, Daniel:
Never got a note about the “rove beetle larva,” which is actually the larva of a snakefly!  Neat find.  They are predatory, often found under bark on trees.

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  1. Daniel Heald says:

    rove beetles synonymous with snakeflies? say what now?

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