Wed, Nov 19, 2008 at 12:22 AM
So like dude i was in the kitchen and all of a sudden this thing just comes crawling out from under the stove, i was scared man. It’s not exactly the kindest looking bugs. I don’t know anything more than that really, i swooped it up with a dustpan and let it wander outside.
My house in Tacoma Washington

Male Giant Water Bug with Eggs

Male Giant Water Bug with Eggs

Dear tittysprinkles,
Generally we refrain from editing the letters we receive, but as so many youngsters access our website, we felt compelled to “bleep out” your subject title.  This is a male Giant Water Bug in either the genus Abedus or the genus Belostoma.  When they mate, the female cements the eggs to the back of the male and he is the primary care giver for the unhatched brood.  We are amazed that he was able to fly to your kitchen with that payload on board.  Giant Water Bugs are aquatic, but they can fly quite well and they are attracted to electric lights.  We suspect there is a body of water nearby that served as a mating habitat for your specimen.

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  1. Wolfie Butler says:

    I didn’t think that water bugs were in western Washington since I lived in the wet lands down in Roy. Wa but Ya Tacoma has a huge body of salt water and fountains all over the place

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